keirthomas-portrait-largewriter.support is a genuine attempt to remove the fear that writers feel when approaching technology, and to educate and inform about how technology can help. It’s the work of Keir Thomas and most articles on this site were originally published in Writers’ Forum magazine in the UK, as part of the regular Technophobia column.

Keir Thomas has over two decades experience as a magazine journalist and author, working largely in the home computing and leisure fields.

As a writer Keir has professional and long-standing experience of every editorial task: editing magazines and books, commissioning writers, writing books, blogging professionally, self-publishing, and generating simple and readable copy. In recent years he’s also written fiction and comedy. In 1996 he received a first class BA (Hons) Creative Arts degree from the University of Glamorgan, where he specialised in creative writing, journalism and documentary production. His most recent computing books are iPad and iPhone Kung Fu and Mac Kung Fu (Second Edition), and his novel The Second Coming of Diamond Head Crater is seeking an agent and/or publisher.

Keir has written over 10 best-selling computing books, one of which won a Linux Journal award and one of which has been read by more than 1,000,000 people worldwide. His $0.99 self-published Kindle ebooks, written as a “publishing  experiment”, consistently top Amazon’s sales charts — beating titles by the world’s biggest publishers. His work has been translated into many languages, including German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Polish.