Creating a product

Being an artist means expressing yourself, putting your thoughts out into the physical sphere. But how can you create something that people would like to own and, much more importantly perhaps, that people would be prepared to spend money on?

To move from a piece of creative writing to a physical object that someone can buy and read needs a few processes.
1) First of all, the manuscript needs editing. Your writing deserves a chance to be enjoyed without people having to endure mistakes and typos.
2) The interior of the book will need to be designed. An ebook generally takes the form of a piece of text, as the reader can change the appearance on their reading device. A print book needs much more careful work, to ensure that it meets the standards of a printed book from any professional source.
3) You should never judge a book by its cover, BUT EVERYONE DOES! The cover is the first thing a reader will see, so it needs to look professional. It takes skill and artistic flair to produce a professional cover.
4) Finally, the book either needs to go into the traditional publishing market, probably via a literary agent, or you can pursue the self-publishing route. Which one to choose? It all depends, and we can help with that!