Interior Formatting

The formatting of a book is an underrated task. They say "you shouldn't judge a book by its cover", but people do.
In the same way, they judge a book by how it looks inside. Correct and consistent formatting is an important part of producing a book for purchase.

We offer a formatting service for either print books or ebooks, or both. Our standard charge is £75 for print formatting (based on a selection from a number of design templates); £50 for ebook formatting; or £100 for both print and ebook.

The files produced are a PDF file for a print book, and one of the standard ebook formats (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, or generic EPUB). Extra formatted ebook files can be purchased for £10 each.

Review of Writer.Support interior formatting service:
I commissioned Writer Support to format the interior of my debut novel. Having spent a long time writing and rewriting my novel to make it shine, I wanted the publication process to be professional so that the end product did justice to the hours and hours of work dedicated to the writing.
Gerald Hornsby patiently talked me through the process and helped me to select the formatting that best suited my novel. The end result was professional – a high quality product. My MS was transformed within a few days, much quicker than I anticipated. I was sent files for all of the ebook platforms and print.
I am in the process of checking my proofs for the third time, I am a bit of a perfectionist. If there are any edits needed they are as a result of my writing, not the formatting. Writer.Support have agreed to make any changes when I have finished proof reading – all included in what is a very reasonable fee.
I did ask my cover designer her fee for providing this service and it was more than the cost of buying Vellum which is $250 plus. Writer.Support is very competitive in its pricing and the quality is first class. I couldn’t be more pleased, and will be using this service again and again in the coming years.
Deborah Klée