Memoirs are a great way of writing your family history, or even writing about a fascinating period of your life or showing what your real life was like. However, they can become inward-looking and dry.
An autobiography is generally a chronological telling of a life, including family life and childhood remembrances. A memoir is a more specific timeline. For example, the story of someone's home, school and adult life would be an autobiography; the reminiscences of a Member of Parliament, for instance, would be a memoir. 


We will help you find the narrative thread on which the story can be built. It will create a strong core to your story, carrying your readers through your life, or that of someone close to you.

This "narrative thread" is important, and can transform your life story from a dull list of anecdotes to an engaging and enjoyable life story.

We are happy to work with you, through our ghost writing service, to transform your memories of a life well-lived into a book that you and your family can be proud of!

We have a number of options if you are looking for help to Write Your Life. These are illustrated in the following PDF download.

One option which we often recommend to new memoir writers is the following: